Teacher Tech Tools

September 11th resources, from a Smithsonian curator

A unique way of looking at this day in history
Amazing TED talk on the BENEFITS of stress!
Flip your classroom with TED ED
The Bullet Block Experiment:
Make your prediction:
Specifically for science and language arts teachers!!  PASS THIS ON!
Specifically for Math teachers!  PASS THIS ON!

Microsoft Innovative Educator training

30 free tools from Microsoft, including the very popular Microsoft OneNote!  Each time I present the information at conferences I get several requests to bring it to local schools.
A popular new trend is to train students directly instead of training the teachers.  The students pick up the information very quickly and you are left with dozens of experts in your building.  It is also easier to schedule with students than teachers.
Learn more here:
Download the tools here:
Tutorial videos here:
New WVDE YouTube Channel
Please subscribe!!
Please let me know if you would like to arrange free training at your school for your teachers or for your students.-
Mark Moore – WVDE  email at:  mramoore@access.k12.wv.us

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