Writing and Literacy PD- Session 1

O A K    H I L L    M I D D L E    S C H O O L

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ELA – Social Studies

2 hours after school

Meeting 1 of 6

OCTOBER 16, 2019

A G E N D A 

Overview of this work  

Writing process research

Preview our SRSD initiative

Share Writing Artifacts

  • Table Groups
  • Analysis 
  • Rank strong to weak
  • Descriptive feedback

Rubric rationale 

  • Share rubrics
    • Individual
    • School wide  

Discuss and reflect 

November 12th – Next After School “Writing & Literacy” session

Bring Artifacts- check email

  • Ranked student writing samples
  • Rubrics- 
  • Strategy & Approach 
  • Proper Feedback

Overview of SRSD Writing Initiative 

November 14th– Professional Development

SRSD Writing Initiative

  • Receive book- “Releasing Writers” Laud & Patel , 2018 Pax Media
  • WVDE ELA & Social Studies coordinators
  • OHMS Writing Plan implementation