SUCCESS 10/11/19

Hello everyone!

We have been so dazzled by our beautiful new home that it does not seem possible that our first SUCCESS DAY is tomorrow.!  The dust is settling and solid things are happening up and down our halls.  How great is it that our first SUCCESS day falls just as we are really getting into “heavy duty” instruction and learning?   This will allow us to chart our work for the year to really make a difference with our students and shine in our community!On your planning period tomorrow please come to the Faculty Conference room just off of the teacher resource room.  Run to our meeting as fast as you can, because we have food to eat and things to accomplish!If you can access your amazing work from the last few years- forms, matrices, PBLs, or even anecdotes- please bring them along so we can look at our foundation as we build our work for this year.  Of course, just like in your classroom, be sure to have pen and paper to jot down ideas and plan with us.  If you are new to this work, have no fears- what we are after this year is just good solid teaching leading to genuine learning throughout our school.We can make a difference together as we build our new school and new ways of doing things here on our Oak Hill Campus.  No matter where you are in “the work” -or what experiences you have had in the past- all of us collectively have an amazing opportunity to have a positive lasting impact in the lives of so many right here at OHMS- and beyond!Our AGENDA is attached- read it over and get excited with me as we get ready to SHINE!George

O A K    H I L L    M I D D L E    S C H O O L

S U C C E S S    D A Y 

September 11, 2019

A G E N D A 


Overview of our work at this school

  • Share out highlights of FYS work during seven last years
  • Recognize the high points and the low points 
  • Give specific examples of matrices done here at CMS/OHMS
  • Relate matrix work to PBL development
  • Discuss the “WHY”
  • Rationalize the instructional value of this work 


Forms, Support, and Procedures

  • Support website-
  • Matrix template
  • Cornerstone Skills
  • DOK levels 
  • Standards
    • Deconstruct Standards
    • Standards based instruction
    • Standards driving PBLs 


Needs, goals, dreams, and focus

  • Higher order thinking skills
  • Common expectations
  • Common formative assessments 
  • Cross-curricular lessons
  • Peer to Peer visits
  • Differentiate 
  • Community Connection
  • PBL design, implementation, and impact
  • Realize the dream

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