SUCCESS Day -January 15, 2020

O A K    H I L L    M I D D L E    S C H O O L

S U C C E S S    D A Y 

January 15, 2020

A G E N D A 


  • Higher order thinking skills
  • PBL design, implementation, and impact
  • Backwards design
  • Common expectations, common formative assessments, common rubrics
  • Cross-curricular lessons 
  • Cornerstone Skills, DOK levels 
  • Standards
    • Deconstruct Standards
    • Standards based instruction
    • Standards driving PBLs 
  • Peer to Peer visits
  • Differentiate / Collaborative 
  • Community Connection & Public Presentation


Today is the day you get to “shine” by sharing your PBL work – Although you may do several PBLs in your classes per semester, we want you to showcase one PBL per semester with the following elements.

PLB 1- ELEMENTS- Due January 15th

We are looking at the impact of pollution issues locally the first semester and delving into formulating local green solutions for our second semester PBL

  • School wide overarching theme of “Green Movement” (Recycling and more)
  • Backwards design- STANDARDS driven- How to measure standards mastery
  • Interdisciplinary / Peer reviewed / add to matrix bank 
  • Include writing component! 
  • Collect artifacts: student work, assessments, rubrics, writing samples, photos, etc.
  • PBL completed, implemented, and ready to share on January 15thSUCCESS DAY  


    • September 11, 2019
    • October 9, 2019
    • November 13, 2019
    • January 15, 2020
    • February 12, 2020
    • March 11, 2020
    • April 15, 2020